Here is some unseen footage that is in the international trailer for Batman Vs Superman. Plus, it has been announced that there will be an R rated version of Batman Versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice.dark knight returns dawn of justice

The studio must have been waiting eagerly to see the reaction and success of The Deadpool Movie. Thus, with Deadpool becoming a run away hit, they thought to themselves “Yes we can capitalize on adults wanting to see adult themes, language and action in comic book movies”.

Although, some people on Twitter have questioned this choice, whilst using Superman as the basis of their lack of support for an R rating. The reason for this is because to many Superman or “The Boy Scout’, is seen as that family friendly hero; right up until the point where Zack Snyder had him break a man’s neck…batman vs superman animation

However, the upcoming movie is Batman Vs Superman not a stand alone Superman Film. Thus, a fan need only watch The Dark Knight Returns [Frank Miller’s Graphic Novel Animation movie] and they will see that the original premise of this storyline was very graphic and violent. Although, Zack Snyder’s take on the graphic novel will be a lot different, the basic themes, action and battles will be very similar.batman cartoon animation

Personally, I think this is great news. The DC animation universe has been pretty graphic for a long time and their movies have been great!

Another question that arose from Twitter was, just how will this be an R rated movie? Will there by F Bombs, more violence or will Superman uncharacteristically start ripping people in half again? I think that makes it even more exciting to wait and see what the film will be like.

Do R rated superhero movies work?
Yes! Deadpool’s success should have come at no surprise, Blade was equally graphic and still amassed a cult following. Deadpool was destined to be successful; with Deadpool being far better known, more eagerly anticipated and with the supported in the film by some other heroes[even if they were minor ones]. Plus a relentless social media campaign that promoter Deadpool to your average non-comic reading but movie watching public. With that said, the amount of success Deadpool has had would have been a shock to most. The Punisher movies haven’t exactly set the world alight. DEADPOOL BRO

Hopefully, Deadpool’s success will be a catalyst for more superhero movies taking on a more graphic tone. A rating that is my akin to the comics and graphic novels that they originate from.

With that said, Batman Vs Superman; Dawn of Justice will only be R rated in the directors cut on the Blueray discs

What are your thoughts?
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