An 18-year-old went to a festival with her friends and had a good time- THE END.

Like it or not, you did not elect Malia Obama, nor are you her parents. How Malia spends her free time is none of your business. You do nor need to share a video of her dancing, you do not need to shame her and you do not even need to praise her for simply enjoying her life. Although, you could praise her for her many other achievements; but not for a pointless and personal video of her enjoying life.

What people need to do is is mind their own business & let her live her life in peace.

Michelle Obama

We probably will not see President Michelle Obama. However, if we let Malia continue to grow into a fine young woman, then there still could still be another Obama as President!

The question becomes when did we become the people we used to hate? We used to hate Paparazzi. Was there not a time when many people spoke out about how they continually hunted Princess Diana down? Yet, the day we traded in snake on our 3310s for a camera phone, we have cared less and less about other people’s privacy.

So to give some perspective to your nosey friends, you can share this video and give them something positive to watch instead of ‘fetishing’ over the life of an 18-year young woman.

Here is something positive that could be occupying their interesting and social media activity. This little girl is trying to start a good deed viral challenge. You probably did not see this as the news was distracted with a fetish like obsession with a young woman who has been under an unfair spotlight since the age of ten.

How about you give this challenge the same attention and pass on a good deed? Or get back to watching teenagers dance on the internet. The choice is yours…

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‘3Cs of Life; choice, chance and change- you must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to ever change. ‘ Antoine Allen
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