Don Cheadle has revealed the details of a damning and dispicable conversation that Donald Trump allegedly had with Cheadle’s friends father during a game of golf; during which Trump used a racial slur during a sexual explicit question about Black women.

Cheedle reveals more damaging evidence to my claim that Donald Trump is racistwe already provided many reason why, but here is what cheedle tweeted:

Cheadle tweeted:

This lead to other twitter user to recall their first encounters with the 45th:

Other people on twitter questioned and asked about whether Cheadle’s sources were willing to go on record with about what was said:

However, other people recounted the treatment of the women that went public with the revellations of Trump’s allegedy sexual harrasshment/assault:

Cheadle explained that he was unaware of Trump’s statements during the election

Donald Trump is yet to reply. He seems preoccupied with accusing former President Obama of wire tapping his phone. The world is waiting for him to reveal the sources of his damaging accusation.


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