If you swipe through Tinder or any other dating app you will see many women stating that men ‘must be at least 6ft+’ tall to match them. Constantly reading these height requirements can be disheartening for a shorter gentleman.

Surely, a man with fewer inches still has a lot to offer. As they say, don’t good things come in small… maybe ‘packages’ is not the right word to use right now.46c1b6c11a8ae30f420164efdd8e0ed8

With that said, here are some reasons to start considering a not so tall gentleman.

  • Short guys are the life of the party
    Being a short man it’s not so easy to stand out in the crowd, especially in situations such as clubs and bars. The short man will rectify and compensate this with high energy and charisma, you know the old peacock theory.
  • The best comedians are always short- A short man’s humour is second to none. His humour may have been started as a defence mechanism but be assured it will not stay like that forever. Laughed is the food of the soul. This is why most girls want a funny man and you can be assured that with the short guys it comes as part of the package. Kevin Hart says it all!
  • Actually, Short guys know exactly how to protect their women- We have heard that a short man is not a protector. Short guy haters always say “what are you going to do, if something happens your tiny” … STOP. WAIT A MINUTE. Picture the scene, a bar fight starts, the tall guys are always the first to start swinging. Short guys know they can’t always measure up to the bigger men. So the short guy has the art of communication. We protect with words. But, also do not forget that Wolverine was only 5 foot 3. Some other pretty powerful historical figures were also short and managed to conquer whole countries. But, their names don’t go down well in chat up lines…
  • 24264578gedgg_smShort guys make all Women look like Catwalk Models- Come on ladies, why would you not want to look like a supermodel all the time? Get with a short guy and your whole life will become a catwalk whenever you walk with him. You just can not do that with a tall guy and to be fair what girls want to be used as a shoulder stand.
  • Short Guys are good for your health- How many girls get neck strain reaching to give that all-important kiss. Date a short guy get rid of the crank in the neck and constant tippy-toe stance. MWAAAHH45020973
  • Short Guys clothes make girls look even hotter
    Sunday morning and you want to pop to the shop and buy a bottle of milk. Put on your (short) boyfriend’s clothes and make yourself looks like a stylish badass. That’s the cool thing about a shorter boyfriend, you can borrow our clothes and still look cool. Borrow a tall boys clothes and you just may as well be wearing a sack.
  • Short guys make the best lovers-
    “YES” you did read that correctly. We make better lovers. But why? One word ‘compensate‘. It’s an alpha male thing, we short guys know that we lack impact on the vertical side; so we put more effort into the horizontal side. We more than makeup for our lack of height in the bedroom with 110% effort at all times. Date a short guy and a female will be the envy of her friends “ he gave me multiple orgasms last night Stacey OMG- there’s a lot of energy in that short body”
  • You will enjoy being the big spoon
    Admit it, ladies, you always want someone to hold as well as being held. Small guys are just ideal small spoons when required. We are up to the job. Those big guys are heavier and more clumsy; they might crush you under all their needless mass. Short guys fit like your favourite socks, not loose and floppy like a sleeping bag on your foot.
  • Short Guys are just Great
    Finally, let’s face it, some of the greats in the world of entertainment are little guys. Just a few to mention. Prince, Kevin Hart, Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars, Lenny Kravitz. The list goes on.

Remember we are not short, we are ‘fun sized’? No, I don’t mean vertically challenged. Don’t make me pull out the height card.

In short(pun intended), short guys are confident, elegant and gracious. I would not describe any of us from Inkline Style as anything less . We dress well, smell nice, have pretty good banter and carry ourselves in a somewhat flamboyant yet impeccable manner. We are all full of life, and always stand out in the crowd as the social butterflies.

Does this sound like the sort of man that a girl would reject, or turn away from? Hmmm you wouldn’t think so.

However, would this change if it came to your attention that all of us are roughly 5 foot 5? Yeah smaller than the average bear.

It seems to be an ever-growing mantra in today’s social media culture that being a short guy is a bad thing, that being a short guy makes you less of a man and that being a short guy is an embarrassment. Not even just for a taller woman, but also the women of the same 5 foot 5 stature. Well, we disagree strongly and we hope this list has made you disagree as well.

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