50 Cent was in a airport and saw an employee pushing a cart. 50 Cent mistakenly mistook this autistic man as being ‘high on drugs’. He then proceeded to recorded the man on his phone and shame him on social media. images

It was the backlash for the video that led 50 cent to delete his post. However, by that time the damage had been done. This young man works and tries to lead a normal life despite his condition. He didn’t ask to be shamed on social media.

The probably here isn’t the mistake. Not everyone knows about autism or asperges and their symptoms. However, the problem is recording people without their permission and using them for personal gain; i.e. shaming them for likes, retweets and follows.

50 cent has been sued before for doing this and it seems he didn’t learn his lesson.

I speak about everything wrong with this shameful incident in our latest video

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