This poem by Shanelle Gabriel explains with humour and love why Mr Right is often completely wrong for us; but Mr Wrong is the person we love. Those relationships were opposites attract, you don’t like everything, you don’t share the same loves but you share love for each other. That love turns what may seem wrong into what feels so right.  Shanelle Gabriel explains why Mr Wrong can often be right for us.

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Why I love you

They say the human body
Has over 50 billion white blood cells…
And I need every single one
Because you
Make me…

They say the human intestines runs,
over 5 meters long,
you are so full of shit.

You are the fish that I would
Throw back
But for some reason
As opposites, We attract!

We show our admiration in love taps,
“I Hate You!” matches,
And sarcastic wise cracks.
All the qualities of my soulmate…
You lack.

Your attempts at being romantic
Are simply pathetic.
The last massage you gave me
Required a paramedic.
The first time you cooked me dinner
I had to pump my stomach.
And you just like picking fights.
If I say go left,
You go right.
If I say it’s day,
You swear it’s night.
You still think our anniversary
Is the 10th of May;
It’s the 9th

The Golden Arches
Is the closest thing to jewelry
I’ve ever seen from you.
For my last birthday,
You gave me a Twinkie
With one candle.
You wear socks with your sandals!
And not the short ones,
The ones that pass your ankles.

You’re a die hard Nas fan;
I like Jay-Z.
Like most Black folk and lactose products
We just always seem to disagree.
You think Angelina Jolie
Is the epitome of beauty.
I think she’s overrated and her lips are crusty.
You like chicks that are busty,
And I’m a proud member
Of the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee.

Now, I’m a country kind of gal;
You like the city life.
I’m a revolutionary woman;
You think we should all be barefoot housewives.
I remember the last time I cried…
You gently
Wiped my eyes,
And whispered in my ears,
Suck it up.”
And I know it’s bugged,
But I still love you,

Like Whitney loves crack.
Cause for some reason as opposites,
We attract.
And truth be told,
That romantic crap usually doesn’t last.

But what matters most is that
You complement me
Like air through my lungs.
And there are over a trillion nerves
In the central nervous system…
You get on every single one.
You know you do…
But for some reason,

That’s why I love you 

By Shanelle Gabriel
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