Here are the Best 14 films to watch with someone you are dating or just a random from Tinder, Happn, or [well if you are using more than those 3 you need an intervention…]

We have devised a list that is perfect for the couples and the Netflix and chill generation. However, we do have an alternative list for Top 10 films coming soon; that proves relationships suck! So check that out too! Or even our post on Why being single can help you find the right person; Yourself!

With that said, word to the wise Netflix and chilling can soon turn into Frozen and babysitting….  FYI feel free to click on the name of any of the movies in our list, so you can purchase/rent them on Amazon.


This instant classic has the most beautiful opening sequence in movie history. It is love gained, love lived, love lost and love found again; once the realization love will remain for eternality in the hearts of those whom have shared it. This film is a great choice to release your sensitive side, as the floodgates of tears may justifiably open. However, it could also be a warning sign of a potential robot or sociopath if they manage to feel nothing during the silent beauty of the first 5 minutes.

FYI scientists with too much time on their hands have said it would take 100,000 to 23.5million balloons to lift a house. However, The animators only used 20,622 in the film. The liars!!!


Is the film that made pottery sexy. It is like a sexy version of a Miss Marple murder mystery. It is a haunted love story starring Patrick Swayze and a Oscar Winning performance by Whoopi Goldberg. Ghost manages to be romantic, steamy and funny. The romance builds up despite the beginning tragedy. So, it gives plenty of times for guys to attempt to make their awkward moves in for a snuggle and kiss. Along with, providing ideas of the fun that can be had with clay; unless you have bad memories of your school ceramics class.

Titanic titantic
The film that launched Leonardo Di Caprio into the hearts of women everywhere. You already know the ill fainted tale of the capsized ship and the popular love triangle to two guys one girl.

So, lets talk about what the modern version would be. The scene is still a boat, where we find Rose in the VIP section of their nightclub spending her dad’s money. Whereas, Jack is still queuing up outside desperately trying to get in on the guest list. Rose is the kind of girl with millions of followers on Instagram. A picture of her asleep wearing a  “I love myself” T- shirt would get 34k likes. On the other hand, Jack merely has 124 followers and the only comment he gets is from his mum “I remember when you used to wet the bed; now you are so big and handsome’. But some how in between taking selfies of the fun she isn’t having; Rose fills her boredom with swiping through Tinder. Where Jack’s ‘Super Like’ catches her eye…

Another safe choice but most likely already been by at least one of you. But, who doesn’t like a romantic trip down memory lane?

Legends of the Falls brad pitt

Is an epic tale of three brothers whom share love, loss and heartache for and against each other, whilst living in the remote wilderness of 1900s USA. The film revolves around the love of 1 woman and the impact of the death of another. It slightly detours away from the 2 guys 1 girl formula. By instead upping the anti to 3 guys 1 girl, but it eventually makes its way back to the trusted formula of 2 guys 1 girl.

However, it is more than just a love film. This multifaceted film has the themes and subplots of family, expectation, forbidden love, war and freedom. All of this is supported by another great performance by Anthony Hopkins. However, the only downside is an equally good young Brad Pitt whom may distract your partner…

The Notebook what do you want

Another film about two men in love with one woman. Some would say this seems to be a lazy equation on how to make a popular love story. With said, the notebook is one of the most popular romantic movies. Especially in the meme and Internet parody land; the “what do you want scene’ has rained all over the Internet like that other famous scene from the movie. Another film to have the tissues out for but with that added satisfaction that one of you might think “awww maybe one day that will be us”. Make sure to use protection in case the other is thinking “I hope we are never like that”.

PS I love you… ps i love you

The title alone says it all. But it is basically the alternative universe version of the notebook where the notebook becomes a series of clues that read themselves… well kinda maybe? Actually no it’s not. It’s like a love treasure map that leads to no literal pot of gold sadly. So more like the Romantic version of Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure. But still a good enough movie to warrant a ‘awww that was a nice way to delay naked tango time’.

Meet Joe Blackmeet joe black

Brad Pitt does a Jamaican accent. That is all I have to say on this one. Just watch it. Ok, a little more there is a random twist in it… which i won’t ruin.

Shakespeare in Loveshakespeare in love

It has In love in the title and it’s about Shakespeare the English love story telling godfather, what more do you need? It’s light-hearted and doesn’t take its self too seriously and it stars an awarding winning performance from Gwyneth Paltrow. Perfect if you don’t want to come across too strong. FYI it won 7 Academy Awards; so yeah it’s a bit of a big deal[ if you care about such things]

You’ve got Mail you've got mail

The story of how we can find love in the most unlikely places. Suggesting to the view that sometimes the person whom seems like our worst enemy could actually be our true love, if we only knew them better. Once again Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks show us love conquers all. This is a good movie if you happen to be trying to seduce a co-worker or competitor whom you share unhealthy animosity with. Moreover, it is a great trip down memory lane; remember windows 95 and dial up internet?

City of Angels city of angels

An angel falls in love with a living person and has to decide whether to give up his wings to be with her properly…. That’s it. Lots of women on my Faceboook seemed to like it. So with women always being right, it’s best to add their suggestion to the list. Thanks Ladies. FYI this is before Nicholas Cage movies became lame. During the time that every romantic movie had to star Meg Ryan. Speaking of miss Ryan, she stars in this as well.

Sleepless in Seattle sleepless in
Single dad= “aww”
Single dad living in a Boat house= “aww that’s cute”
Single widowed dad living in a boat house = “awww that’s cute and so sad let me hug you”
Single widowed dad living on a boat house not afraid to express his feelings; after he ends up telling the story of his love for his departed wife on a radio call in love show= “awwww that’s cute and so sad, let me hug you and love you myself”
That’s the film in a nutshell. No Brad Pitt to worry about. Just some of Tom Hank and Meg Ryan’s quirkiness, plus her unassuming beauty. The kind that is “yeah she is pretty but I don’t need to ask if she is prettier than me’.

Zack & Miri Make A Porno zack and miri

Yes there is a slightly porno theme in it. However, it’s not featured on PornHubs top 10 list… umm I mean PornHub what’s that?. Moving on, this is the story of how best friends can make great lovers if only they would both give it a chance. It is awkwardly romantic and very funny starring and written by Seth Rogen. It contains one of the funniest and most disgusting scenes in any love film; far worse than messy clay. This is a fun movie for a couple whom loves and laughs together. Now you are thinking “Do we laugh at the same jokes?”

Question; Some people say guys are incapable of really having girl best friends. They are just biding their time or subconsciously hoping to break escape from the ‘Shawshank Friend zone’. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Pretty Woman pretty woman

This was the original pioneer for not shaming women for their past or their profession. The film is the unlikely love between Julia Roberts as a prostitute and Richard Gere as a wealthy businessman. Yes, way before Amber Rose did her Slut Walk [Don’t know what that was? Google it].
This is a Cinderella love conquers all barriers type story. In a modern world again it’s the Instagram model who marries the banker. Does that make it far less romantic? This film is good for a couple or partner with somewhat of a flamboyant past.

“I like you for who you are; not who you were!”
“what’s wrong with who I was?”
“umm nothing I like that too I guess”
“you guess? You guess? Just saying it!”
“no I don’t guess I know… let’s just watch the film”

Love and basketballlove and basketball
If you like basketball you will really love this one. If you don’t like basketball then you will still enjoy this story of people drifting apart and finding their way back together. But if you are one of the people who do not like watching majority black casts you might want to skip past this movie. But now you are wondering:

“Why don’t I like films with a lot of black actors? Am I racist? No I am not. But wait have I actually watched a film with a lot of black people in it? I did watch that Kevin Hart movie. Did that have a lot of black people or just him? I can’t remember, all I remember is alright, alright, alright, alright… wait wasn’t that the stand up not the movie? Maybe I am a little racist? No I am not. I am going to watch this movie and say I liked it even if I didn’t. Damn AntoineSpeaks! Now it’s going to be awkward when I say hello to Jamal at work! I’m not sharing this blog! Wait does it make me racist If I don’t share the blog?”
It does! So share it!
FYI it doesn’t you don’t have to watch or share. But it would be appreciated.
Honorable mentions

This is a simple list there are many classic love movies like Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, The Apartment, Brief Encounter to name but a few. Let us know if you want another list of classic films.

What are your thoughts?
Which movies would have made your list instead?
Which movies haven’t you seen but you are likely to watch now?
Let us know your thoughts and please comment below!