13th-documentary-trailer-posterAva DuVernay’s 13th- the documentary about prison industrial complex, why there are so many Black people in prison and the political strategies and policies that got them there, is exceptionally informative and interesting. It is groundbreaking  in its portrayal of an issue that has often only been spoken about in powerpoint style youtube videos. 13ths legitimizes and brings to the masses the belief and opinion many Black people already held. The belief that slavery never ended it merely took on a new form through mass incarceration.

However, for all its brilliance and it is brilliant, it lacks one element to bring its point full circle. It does not emphasize enough that the prison industrial complex is not just a Black issue anymore. If it had mentioned the ‘kids for cash’ scandal it could have emphasized to White America that what affects Black people will more than likely also affect poor white people at some point too.

This is the point we expand upon in our latest review.

Here are some of the pictures we used in this weeks review


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