In the past two weeks, in London, there has been 11 murders due to knife crime. Moreover, the police have reported that they have seized hundreds of knives from UK schools. However, similar patterns of criminality and violence can be found in countries across the world, especially the USA and the Caribbean.  This has led to many people to question what can be done to stop these murders and people carrying knives and weapons on the streets., a video that has gone viral, looks to offer a potential solution to the knife crime epidemic.

The answer might be found in this Facebook live video. Ace Ruele’s video went viral after he spoke about a potential solution to the knife crime epidemic.

Ace Ruele, actor. mentor, and father, took to his Facebook profile to break down his reaction to the stabbing that took place at his local barbershop in London. Ace speaks about why stabbings happen and how they can be potentially stopped. It seems many people agreed with what he had to say, because his facebook live video has since been shared hundreds of times and has had over 30 thousand views.

knife crime, actor and speakerDo you agree with what Ace had to say?

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