These reimaginings of real life scenes involving disney characters will sadly wake you up from that childhood fantasy of happy ever after to the harsh reality of the world we live in.

The reimaginings above give the likely stark reality of life for these characters; if they existed in our word. Scene such as animal testing, climate change, pollution, drug abuse, pursuit of beauty and deforestation.

We believe the most striking and poignant reimagining are the ones that highlight the impact of climate change. Just as Leonardo DiCaprio noted in his Oscar acceptance speech, we need to improve our relationship with nature before it is too late. This is our second post looking at the images that are trying to make people more aware of climate change. I think the use of iconic disney characters puts the issue into reality, in its own surreal way. Click here to see our other post on striking images of climate change

What are your thoughts on these images?

Can you imagine the real life situation for any other icon characters?

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