Being a Black woman in the diaspora is not always a comfortable experience. It’s not everyday rainbows, sunshine and unicorns. But when you see us, you can’t help but see the glow we all possess and have the pleasure and honour of witnessing our #BlackGirlMagic. This is my 10 reasons why Black women are magic!

  1. Our resilience is unparalleled

Black women across this earth have got to put up with all kinds of nonsense from society, from men offering up unsolicited advice about our hair and weight to white people trying to reach out and touch us like we are in a petting zoo. When life tries to make us the butt of every joke we clapback with the grace of God.

  1. The kink and curl in our hair

Our hair can do 99 million styles. No two black women’s hair is the same, and it shows. Nothing in this world is more joyous than a head of healthy natural hair. Check out this article of combing Black women’s natural beauty with artistic freedom


  1. We are Titans

I’m partially quoting Shonda Rhimes here. People love to underestimate us, and we let them. When the time comes to deliver results we blow up the mediocrity that stood before us.
FactSarah Breedlove (December 23, 1867 – May 25, 1919), known as Madam C. J. Walker, was an African American entrepreneurphilanthropist, and a political and social activist. Eulogized as the first female self-made millionaire in America,[1] she became one of the wealthiest African American women in the country, “the world’s most successful female entrepreneur of her time,” and one of the most successful African-American business owners ever. 

  1. We are mothers to beautiful children


We raise generations of smart, beautiful and witty young people. Does anyone remember Vine? Black women raised those hilarious kids. If you want to see positive images of Black women Like

  1.  Fantastic Lovers

Nothing feels better than some strong black loving (technically I have nothing to compare it to). Black women can be sensual, fiery and experimental in the bedroom. Just look at how Issa and Daniel got down in Insecure. We aim to please and be pleased.

  1. Our competition produces black excellence


Black women are competitive, and it’s rarely in the catty, bitchy or shady way that has been popular on TV. We see a sister doing well she becomes an inspiration. We are proud, supportive and loyal to one another. While at the same time consulting our game plans to see how we can step up to the plate and hit it out of the park.

  1. We speak our truth even if people don’t want to hear it

Let’s write a eulogy for the angry, loud and mad black woman. That caricature has been done to death. If you wrong us, we will let you know about it. If you offend us, be sure we will be loud about it and if you keep trying to kill us and incarcerate us then we are allowed to be angry about it. In the face of gaslighting black women are always ready to speak their truth even if people want to be obtuse.
Fact: Two thirds of the Black Panther Party were women. Inspirational women like Angela Davis, Kathleen Cleaver,  
Assata Shakur, Shaka Khan and Elaine Brown.

  1. We value education

There are very few black women on this earth that don’t value education. If they missed out on learning, they teach their kids the value of having an education. How many of us were told by our mothers that we have to work twice as hard to be just as good? All that pressure created diamonds!
Fact: ‘Black women are now the most educated group in America, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. A higher percentage of black women — 9.7% to be exact — are enrolled in college than any other racial or gender group, including white men, white women, and Asian women’ Upworthy

  1. We have our beauty standards

Mainstream media loves to act a fool and exclude a whole demographic of women. Black women stopped begging for a seat at the lily white table and jumped on youtube to let the girls know how they can beat their faces to look like Rihanna. The natural hair movement was born from exclusion and has completely redefined the black haircare industry.

  1. We take the big risks

We know how to mobilise and take up space in places that didn’t even know we existed. The black woman of today is active, confident and brave. She sees herself everywhere. The world is ours, and we are going to let you know that.

This article is part of a Month of December Celebrating Black Women. Please check out our other articles and videos about Black women.


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