Grammys, ceelo, outfitCeelo Green is back in the headlines after proclaiming ‘I wish I had’ Beyonce in his new song ‘Jay-Z’s girl’ and adopting his new moniker Gnarls Davidson.

“Jay Z is the king

And I’m probably his biggest fan

But there’s a feeling inside that he’d surely understand

I’m in love with B and I want to be her man.”

Ceelo’s Golden C-3P0 outfit may have been a stroke of self-promotional genius with a dash of metaphorical symbolism. It seems like he wished to replicate a golden statue in the hope that Beyonce could take him home; if/when she inevitably did not win Album Of The Year. Or maybe it was just a flamboyant and self-promotion expression of his alter-ego Gnarls Davidson. Either way, he looked ridiculous! But ridiculous also boosted his notoriety up a few notches on the social media Richter scale.

Equally ridiculous is the video for Jay-Z’s girl

Music historians will recognise CeeLo’s ‘Jay’s girl’ as a revamp of Rick Springfield’s 1981 song ‘Jessie’s girl’

In truth, there are most likely many people in the Bey-hive that would secretly or openly like to ‘have Jay Z’s girl’. Beyonce is a global superstar with many adoring fans.

Question, is who did it better? And will his Ceelo’s publicity stunt and new song result in a hit for his new album ‘F*ck Me I’m Famous’. No doubt CeeLo hopes to replicate the success of Forget You


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