It has been reported that at least 40 people have been injured and five killed during a suspected lone wolf extremist attack, outside the Houses of Parliament.

The police are treating the incident as terror related. Witnesses have said the man drove a car at civilians on Westminster Bridge, he then crashed into railings, left the car and ran into Houses of Parliament and stabbed a police officer. The attacker was then shot by armed police, whilst wielding his knife towards a second officer. Both the Policeman and the attacker have died. Two civilian bystanders have been confirmed to have died due to the car crash on Westminister bridge.

The BBC have reported that the police officer killed in a terror attack at Westminster has been named by the Met Police as PC Keith Palmer.

The Evening Standard reported:

There were reports of a man with a knife in a confrontation with police before shots were heard.

MPs and journalists were told to stay in their offices as the incident unfolded in the street outside.
Parliament was placed on lockdown and police officers were seen escorting at least one Government Minister to safety, witnesses said.
The London Air Ambulance touched down on Parliament Square shortly before 3pm.
A medical kit was seen being taken towards Parliament before the air ambulance touched down.

Abu Izzadeen has wrongly been named as the person responsible for the terror attack.

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A man suspected of fatally stabbing a police officer at the Palace of Westminster is treated by emergency workers after he was shot by armed police- BBC

BBC have released this image of how the event unfolded

Social media has been filled with concerned people and people asking for calm and well wishes to the people affected by this attack.