Last year saw the #OscarsSoWhite discussion, debate and boycott. We discussed the controversy in an earlier post and found that one of the problems with last year, was that simply some of the films were not ‘amazing’. By amazing, I mean original concepts, exceptional storylines, epic true stories or simply more than just a very good film. For instance, Creed was a very good film with good acting; but it is still essential the Black version of Rocky. Neither the standards of the Oscars or of so-called ‘Black cinema’ should be based on simply giving an award for the sake of ticking a diversity box. Black directors, actors and screenwriters are more than good enough to win or be nominated without their achievement coming with the small print of ‘here’s an award to stop you complaining. However, their complaints were warranted!

The boycott and discussion was about other more pertinent claims and issues that reach beyond winning little golden statues. There was and is a lack of chances for Black actors and especially Black directors to explore the themes and stories they want to bring to the screen. Therefore, when the majority of Oscar winning films in recent years have been ‘true stories’, there is a high likelihood that Black ‘true stories’ will not reach the big screen without support for Black directors. Diversity in the media is essential for building bridges between communities in terms of raising and promoting awareness of each other’s culture and experiences.

With that said Hollywood’s diversity debate has already resulted in directly or indirectly producing a number of films in 2016/17 about Black people, culture and our experiences. What has to happen now is simple; Go Support These Films! It is as simple as that. Hollywood is a business. They won’t make more films from a Black perspective if they do not make any money.

Therefore, here are some of the films that will be in the Oscar conversation.

Queen Of Katwe 
Currently in Cinemas- Based on a True Story

Birth Of A Nation
Currently in cinemas(US) UK release January 2017- Based on a True Story

Currently in cinemas.

Hidden Figures
January 2017 release date. Based on a True Story.


November release date. Based on a True Story

A United Kingdom
November release date. Based on a True Story

December Release date.

This is just a selection of the many films that will be coming out this year that feature Black actors and directors. We will be making another list of movies that reflect the diversity of Black experiences and lifestyles!

So, let us know your thoughts
What film are you looking forward to seeing?
Which film have you already seen?
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