Just as Black history is more than just slavery; it is also more than only Egyptian history. Therefore this BBC documentary, by Historian Gus Casely-Hayford is essential viewing about the history of the lost kingdoms of Africa. 

black-africanBBC Four’s The Lost Kingdoms Of Africa- is a 4 part series that tells the history of kingdoms of Africa that most people do not know about. 
Most people’s knowledge of Africa does not stretch past Pharaohs and the Pyramids of Egypt. This limited knowledge is especially ridiculous when it comes to Black people, seeing as the transatlantic slave trade came from West Africa not North Africa.Many of these kingdoms have disappeared due to colonization, invasion, destruction and a drastic change in the climate of Africa. Each one of these documentaries provides the viewer with great awareness and knowledge of the greatness and history of many different and amazing African peoples.

Finally, if you enjoy this documentary comment below and I will find the other documentaries in this season and upload them as well. In the meantime, you can watch these 4 parts here.

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